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Why using japanese candlesticks is the best way

Which way is the market headed next week? Who knows, it depends on whether the war newsclips are showing a good day or a bad day. Is there money being made in this market? You bet! The bullish candlestick signals have produced some high profit returns this week. At the same time, the sell signals have produced excellent short profits.

This is not unusual when trading the signals. Going back to basics, the signals are created by the cumulative knowledge of all the investors participating in that investment vehicle during that time frame. This becomes more clear when the signals point out where buying or selling is occurring, even when there is no trend in the general market. The key here is having both long and short positions on, implemented by finding the strong candlestick buy and sell signals.

In a market not showing any distinct trend for a few weeks now, it is impressive to see the results of the Stock Picks of the Day on the site. We bring this fact to your attention because it has even impressed our new staff members!

The vast majority of our picks over the past four weeks have moved with decisive profits. Has every pick made money? Certainly not, but the losing trades are closed quickly and the positive trades vastly outnumber them. The recent trades PHCC, -.4%, NLY, +1.0%, AEM, +4.3%, URBN, +1.0%, MANT, +20.0%, CCMP, +3.1%, RANGY, +8.3%, CHTT, +10.1%, CEGE, +11.3%, LLL, –0.6%, AVII, –21%, WBSN, +5.3%, as examples, are in line with previous trades and time periods. The trades are a mixture of longs and shorts, 12 trades in all, with 9 up 1% to 20%, 2 basically flat and one down. And the one loser is digesting a one-day gain of over 46%!

This illustration is not to pound chests. It is to illustrate that the probabilities are always in our favor using our candlestick analysis system. Review the trades, not so much for the results, but for the reasons they were executed and closed. The signals show when and why to get into a trade and when and why to get out. They work. Even more so after over four hundred years of refinement.

We are gratified by the many emails thanking us for showing profitable trades. However, the point of this site is candlestick analysis education. If you are using it solely for profitable trade exploitation, you are missing the boat. Learn why each trade is being recommended. Visually fix the signal pattern, along with the corresponding indicators, so the next time you see the same setup, you will be able to exploit a profitable situation. This is not rocket science. This is learning to recognize a sign. Keep in mind, rice traders made unimaginable fortunes using these simple visual techniques.

The Power Of A Gap Up After A Doji – Candlestick Play Of The Week

What is a high profit pattern? The gap up after a Doji. What does the Doji represent? Indecision! Indecision at a level in a trend where the bulls and the bears are at an equilibrium. Then a gap up from that indecision. What does a gap up represent? A massive desire from investors to get into a position.

Look at CHTT, one of our recent picks. Note the series of Doji’s before the gap up. A four day period of indecision. Stochastics showing an oversold situation, and then a dramatic indication that the buyers have made up their minds. This creates a high probability trade. Simple analysis of what actually is happening at the turn gives the investor valuable forewarnings.

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