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Square of nine

You have already had the MASTER SQUARE OF TWELVE explained, which represents days, weeks, months and years, and the measurements of TIME in the Square of Twelve or the Square of the Circle.

The SQUARE OF NINE is very important because nine digits are used in measuring everything, and we cannot go beyond 9 without starting to repeat and using the 0.  If we divide 360° by 9, we get 40, which measures 40°, 40 months, 40 days, or 40 weeks, and shows why bottoms and tops often come out on these angles measured by one-ninth of the total circle.

If we divide our 20-year period, or 240 months, by 9, we get 26-2/3 months, making an important angle of 26-2/3°, months, days or weeks.  Nine times 9 equals 81, which completes the First Square of Nine.  Note the angles and how they run from the main center.  The second Square of Nine is completed at 162.  Note how this is in opposition to the main center.  The Third Square of Nine is completed at 243, which would equal 243 months or 3 months over our 20-year period and accounts for the time which often elapses before the change in the Cycle, sometimes running over 3 months or more.  The Fourth Square of Nine ends at 324.  Note the angles of 45° cross at 325, indicating a change in cycles here.  To complete the 360° requires Four Square of Nine and 36 over.  Note that 361 equals a Square of 19 times 19, thus proving the great value of the Square of Nine in working out the important angles and proving up discrepancies.

Beginning with “1” at the center, note how 7, 21, 43, 75, 111, 157, 211, 273 and 343 all fall on the 45° angle.  Going the other way, not that 3, 13, 31, 57, 91, 133, 183, 241 and 307 fall on an angle of 45°.  Remember there are always four ways you can travel from a center following an angle of 45°, or an angle of 180° or an angle of 90°, which all equal about the same when measured on a flat surface.  Note that 8, 23, 46, 77, 116, 163, 218, 281 and 353 are all on an angle from the main center also note that 4, 15, 34, 61, 96, 139, 190, 249 and 316 are on an angle from the main center, all of these being great resistance points and measuring out important time factors and angles.

Study the SQUARE OF NINE very carefully in connection with the MASTER TWELVE and 360° CIRCLE CHART.

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