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Six squares of nine

We are sending you six Permanent Charts, each containing 81 numbers.  The First Square of Nine runs from 1 to 81.  Everything must have a bottom, top, and four sides to be a square or cube.  The First Square running up to 81 is the bottom, base, floor or beginning point.  Square #2, 3, 4 and 5 are the four sides, which are equal and contain 81 numbers.  The Sixth Square of Nine is the top and means that it is times, times as referred to in the Bible, or a thing reproducing itself  by being multiplied by itself.  Nine times nine equals 81 and six times 81 equals 486.  We can also use 9 times 81, which would equal 729.

The number 5 is the most important number of the digits because it is the balance or main center.  There are four numbers on each side of it.  Note how it is shown as the balancing or center number in the Square of Nine.

We square the Circle by beginning at 1 in the center and going around until we reach 360.  Note that the Square of Nine comes out at 361.  The reason for this is it is 19 times, and the 1 to begin with and one over 360 represent the beginning and ending points.  361 is a transition point and begins at the next circle.  Should we leave the first space blank or make it “0”, then we would come out at 360.  Everything in mathematics must prove.  You can begin at the center and work out, or begin at the outer rim and work in to the center.  Begin at the left and work right to the center or to the outer rim or square.

Note the Square of Nine or the Square of the Circle where we begin with 1 and run up the side of the column to 19, then continue to go across until we have made 19 columns, again the square of 19 by 19.  Note how this proves up the circle.  One-half of the circle is 180°.  Note that in the grand-center, where all angles from the four corners and from the East, West, North and South reach gravity center, number 191 appears, showing that this point we are crossing the Equator or Gravity center and are starting on the other half of the circle.

We have astronomical and astrological proof of the whys and wherefores and the cause of the workings of geometrical angles.  When you have made progress, proved yourself worthy, I will give you the Master Number and also the Master Work.

Study the human body in every way and you will find that it is the work of a Master Mind, and when once you know yourself and know your body, you will know the Law and will understand all there is to know.  Remember there is a source of all supply, and that you have within you the power to know all there is to know, but you must work hard, seek and you shall find.

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