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Put and call brokers

There are many brokers in Puts and Calls in New York City who buy and sell
Puts and Calls for a commission and have the Puts and Calls endorsed by a New
York Stock Exchange house and deliver them to you or to your broker. Any honest
broker can stand investigation and for your own protection you should ascertain
whether the Put and Call broker whom you buy Puts and Calls from is reliable and
will have the Puts and Calls guaranteed by a firm that is a member of the Now York
Stock Exchange.

Advantage of buying puts and call direct

Should you want to send orders direct to buy Puts and Calls, you can send your check or money order direct to a Put and Call broker in Now York and he will buy Puts and Calls for your account on your order and mail them direct to you or deliver them to your bank or your broker, as you request.
The advantage in sending your order direct to a Fit and Call broker instead of over a
broker’s private wire is that you often get quicker service by using the Postal Telegraph or
Western Union because all orders over brokers’ private wires to buy and sell stocks have
precedence over a11 messages pertaining to off the-floor business. This would naturally
delay the transmission of your order to buy a Put or Call and if the market is very active, it might result in a point or more against you, whereas if your order went direct to the Put and Call broker by Western Union or Postal Telegraph, you would get a quicker execution. For example: Suppose you decided to buy a Put on Chrysler and you thought that Chrysler was about top find wanted to got it in a hurry, if you sent your order to a Put and Call broker, your telegram would read as follows:

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