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Length of time puts and calls are sold

As a rule, you can buy Puts and Calls good 7 days two weeks, and 30 days, and sometimes you can buy them good 60 or 90 days but most
traders who make it a business of selling Puts and Calls do not write them for more
than 30 days. However, you can always ask your broker or the Put and Call broker to
make an inquiry and get you a quote on what you can buy Puts and Calls for good
30, 60 or 90 days ; then if the price looks right, you can buy them.
My advice is that you will make more money buying Puts and Calls good 30 days
than you will buying them good 7 days or two weeks because the shorter periods of
time, except when markets are extremely active, do not give you an opportunity for a
wide enough range to make profits. However, when you buy Puts or Calls good 7
days or 14 days you pay less premium than for those good 30 days, The premium,
as a rule, for 7 days is $62.50; two weeks is $87.50.

How to hut puts and calls 
If you live – Outside You York City, you can give an order to your local broker and
he will buy Puts and Calls for your account that are endorsed by a New York stock
Exchange firm and place them to your credit with your broker in New York City or the
correspondent of the house you trade with in your capital city. Then when you want
to make a trade against your Puts or Calls, or want, to buy or sell and call the stock
or put it and take profits, the broker will take care of the transaction for you. Always
deal with brokers who are members of the New York Stock Exchange when you buy
or sell stocks,
The unit for Puts and Calls is 100 shares l but at times you may be able to buy
odd-lots or 50-share lots of Puts and Calls, but when you buy Puts or Calls be sure
that they are endorsed by a New York Stock Exchange firm. There are often
bucketshops that will Sell you Puts and Calls on 10 shares, 25 shares or anything
else, but there is no Stock Exchange firm behind them, and you have no assurance
of getting your profit if you make them.

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