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How to sell puts and calls

Many people know – how to buy Puts and Calls but very few know how to sell them or know that they can sell them and get the premium money for the Option. When you sell a Put or a Call on stocks, you are simply taking the, opposite position …

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US Steel

We will give you some examples as to where Puts and Calls could have been bought on U.S. STEEL to advantage: 1932 – May 7 to June 28, high and low on U. S, Steel during this period was 31½ and 21¼. When Steel declined to around 22 you could …

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Kind of stocks to buy puts and calls on

Stocks always move faster at higher levels than they do at low levels, therefore, an a general rule, you can make the most money by buying Puts and Calls on stocks selling between $75 and $150 par share, but there are times when you a buy Calls on stocks selling …

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When to buy puts and calls

The time to buy to buy Puts and Calls is when stocks are very active or just before activity starts. You can determine when to buy Puts and Calls and on what stocks to buy Puts Or Calls by reading, studying and applying the rules in my books, Truth of the Stock Tape, …

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Puts and Calls on Chrysler, General Motors

On receipt of this order the Put and Call broker would immediately buy a Put on Chrysler to the best advantage and would wire you the price at which he bought it. You, of course, would have to have your money on deposit with the Put and Call broker before …

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Put and call brokers

There are many brokers in Puts and Calls in New York City who buy and sell Puts and Calls for a commission and have the Puts and Calls endorsed by a New York Stock Exchange house and deliver them to you or to your broker. Any honest broker can stand …

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